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I am having a problem with a Live Oak Tree (This tree is very big. est to years old). Very large chunks of bark are falling off the Tree. It has almost ringed the tree truck about 12 feet off the ground. But the leaves are still green, and the crown is full.

This tree is so old and big, I would hate to lose it. Oct 19, Bark falls off after excessive heat, which, like frost damage, strips bark down to the wood. Bark falls off an unhealthy tree, which means you’d see other signs of stress such as cankers, sap, or dead leaves and twigs.

If bark is falling off my tree, is it dying? Sadly, there’s no easy yes or no to this question. But, if the tree appears overall healthy, there’s a good chance it’s just peeling for growth.

If your tree. Jan 19, Why is bark falling off this lakeside oak tree? - HOWARD GARRETT [email protected] Question: There is some sort of bark blight infecting our tall native oak trees. The bark flakes off in small sections. We are told by the local tree service that there is no cure for this disease and that it is quite contagious. Hypoxylon canker is a fungal disease that is exacerbated by environmental stresses such as drought and root injury. The disease causes bark to slough off the trunk and branches, revealing brownish.

May 16, The first is that the trees have simply had two drought-free years of growth and the trunks are expanding more rapidly than the bark can accommodate. Another possibility is that the trees have smooth patch disease. This fungus decomposes the outer bark of trees, particularly white oak, and causes it to slough off.

After a storm you might see several large pieces of bark at the base of the tree. Neither condition hurts the tree. on one occasion i noticed the thick bark about 5ft up from the ground was barely attached to the trunk. WELL, IT FELL OFF AND I DIDN'T THINK MUCH OF IT AT THE AND THE PIECE WAS 9X6"IN SIZE.

AS I FURTHER INSPECTED THE MIGHTY OAK, I NOTICED AN AREA OF BARK STARTING ABOUT 6" FROM THE GROUND EXTENDING UPWARD 20" AND 20" ACROSS THAT. May 08, I have a BEAUTIFUL quite large live oak that I planted back in It looks SUPER VIGOROUS AND HEALTHY except the bark is coming off at the base of the trunk near the ground. There is now less than half the tree trunk's worth of healthy bark.

Baneful Borers The goldspotted oak borer is a boring insect that produces damaging larvae that feed on woody tissue, causing bark to crack and ooze with sap.

I removed the bark that was loose or rotting all the way to healthy bark about 2 months ago. May 28, My big live oak behind our house is shedding bark. A LOT of bark. At first I thought maybe the dog was pulling it off because he (for some reason) likes to eat the oak bark, but after looking at the tree, it's obvious it's falling off. It appears to be on the two main trunks that go up at an angle and it's only shedding from the underneath side.

Dec 14, Here are five possible reasons the bark is falling off of your trees: 5. Environmental Causes. One of the biggest reasons that we see bark peeling from a tree are the effects from the environment. Everything from the extreme cold to the extreme heat can make your trees start to peel.

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