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I left it outside for a long time.

} Nov 17, Location: FL USA. I think it depends on what caused the leaf drop (ie, if its environmentaly related, or disease related). I have 2 of these that I have had for a long time.

One is the tricolor variegated form, the other is the plain green form. They are in similar lighting conditions, humidity, air movement etc and get the same water and food. I noticed something weird on my beautiful Madagascar Dragon Tree. I heard it is normal for older foliage to dry and drop. I am just confused about the drooping behaviour of new leaves. They are not as erect as the older ones.

What could be wrong. It is water when the soil is dry an inch or 2 and is. Sep 23, Green, healthy looking leaves are all of a sudden drooping in a clump and falling to leave bare branches on my dragon tree. the tips of branches go soft with it as well. And the dragon beside it seems to be just fine and is on same water regiment??

Try more light, pick a. Though generally low-maintenance, there are several reasons a red-striped dragon tree might lose leaves. Water Problems During hot summer or dry winter weather, plants lose a lot of moisture. Hi Heather – The lower leaves of a marginata naturally turn yellow, then dry & eventually fall off – it’s part of the natural life cycle.

Drooping leaves can be too water (especially if they feel limp) or too little light or a combo. Marginatas droop in too low light. I prop up the cutting with the vase or jar I use for propagation. Nell. The Dracaena loses its leaves. This is what happens when the dracaena is too cold.

Find a more appropriate location for it, it requires minimum temperatures of °F (°C) and ideally 70 to 72°F (20 to 22°C). Leaves turn yellow.

If the plant continues to produce new leaves, this is part of your dracaena’s natural cycle.

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